Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

Yes, the pre-registration allowed for us to have a better understanding of the number of people planning on attending and allows those individuals a quick check-in process at the registration table.

During the event, each room will feature a designated queue for attendees interested in attending the next talk. After the conclusion of each talk, we kindly request all conference participants to exit the room, creating an opportunity for those who were unable to secure a spot in the previous talk. Upon exiting the room, you are welcome to rejoin the queue for the next talk. If there is sufficient space, you may then attend the upcoming session.

This approach is necessary due to the limited seating capacity of our rooms, as we aim to ensure fairness and provide all attendees with the chance to experience the talks at this complimentary event.

If you have purchased the BSides Supporter Package (indicated by a holographic badge), you will not be required to leave the room after talks conclude. Please note that VIP badges are available in limited quantities and can be purchased at the event near the registration table while supplies last.